Gallery of contemporary art "Dialogues".

The Galerie d’Art Contemporain Dialogues is a centre for exhibitions, concerts, projections and conferences located in the National Museum of Lubumbashi. It is managed by the ASBL Dialogues and funded by the Forrest International Group. The organisation's main objective is to promote contemporary visual arts and raise the awareness of art and culture among young audiences.

The origins of ASBL Dialogues date back to 1998 when George Arthur Forrest met with art historian Chantal Tombu. In 1999, a first exhibition, "Memory of Time", is held at Lubumbashi's Horse Club. A second exhibition will be held at the City Museum of Lubumbashi, to present the works of Lubumbashi artists.

Today, ASBL Dialogues seeks to promote the cultural richness and immense potential of artists in the city and to raise public awareness of Congolese and African cultural roots.