Picha association

The Picha association is an initiative of artists operating independently from Lubumbashi that supports and promotes artistic creation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Picha gives visibility to contemporary art in Lubumbashi by providing a venue for exhibitions, meetings, artist residencies, training workshops and artistic accompaniment. Picha intends to promote artistic creation by taking the urban space as a stage and the image as a medium. Picha wants to bring an artistic reflection, both endogenous and speaking to the world, on the city of Lubumbashi, its history and its environment today. In addition to the organization of the Lubumbashi Biennale, the association has to its credit the realization of several exhibitions, video and photo workshops, training programs and artists' residencies, conducted with the aim of offering national and international visibility to local artists and artistic initiatives. To
fulfill its mission, Picha has created the following platforms: