Introduction to the Ateliers Picha

"Ateliers Picha" is a device designed to bring together a new generation of Congolese creators and cultural producers in a cooperative network to develop their capacities for ideation, organization, management, production, mediation and dissemination of activities, in relation with local cultural actors and an international network. The Biennial is a privileged moment of restitution of the outcome of the exchanges, co-creation processes and projects carried out since 2020 under the direction of Lucrezia Cippitelli. This inauguration will open with an introduction and a moment of exchange and conversation with the artists and contributors of the Workshops and their associated projects.

The Ateliers Picha 2020-2022 have been developed on this basis as a program of production and circulation of ideas between Congolese and international artists from different backgrounds. A group of creative producers and artists was selected to think and work on a cooperative basis, in order to implement the learners' capacities and make them cultural actors locally and internationally. Face-to-face activities were implemented with online presentations and mentoring schedules, as well as a series of in situ production projects led by four young Congolese artists (Sarah Mukadi Kadima, Franck Moka, Isaac Sahani Dato, Jackson Bukasa, and Dan Kayeye) and two international artists (the duo Mario Iorio/Raphael Cuomo and Luigi Coppola), who led the group to the 7th edition of the Lubumbashi Biennale.